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Suzuki Gsx-s 750 A2 Deslimitation

Convert your GSX-s 750 35kw into the full power version by reprogramming the control unit.

Suzuki Gsx-s 750 A2 deslimitation
suzuki Gsx-s750 A2

You can now reprogram your Gsx-s 750 a2 and turn it into a full power Gsx-s

In the 35kw version the maximum power to the wheel is about 38 hp at 7500 rpm and with the rpm limit near 9000 rpm, achieving a top speed in 5th gear of 165 km/h (theoretical).

In this same bike, reprogramming the control unit, the maximum power to the wheel rises to 91 hp at 10500 rpm and rpm limit beyond 11000 rpm reaching 208 km/h.

These 91 hp measured at the wheel correspond to the 114 hp that Suzuki advertises for the full version. However, if you have to de-limitize your 35kw bike through Suzuki you can only access the 95hp version (76hp at the wheel).

This reprogramming is NOT homologated and is only for closed circuits or competitions.

power and torque comparison between 35kw version and reprogramming