Yamaha R6 velocity stacks kit


Velocity stacks kit for Yamaha R6

Easy way to increase power and torque without sacrificing reliability


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Yamaha R6 2008 – 2020 air funnel set

New velocity stacks kit for Yamaha R6 2008 – 2022, developed and produced in house

A good optimization of the airflow inlet to the cylinder head is one of the ways to increase power on the Yamaha R6 and any high-performance engine.

The development of this kit has taken us more than 6 months of work to improve the whole power band, we have done a lot of tests with different shapes, diameters, lengths, etc. and then we have tested them both on the dyno and in the fastest races in the world as the Isle of Man TT and the North West 200 with the help of the pilot. Raul Torras and his R6 which is one of the motorcycles where more work was done in the development of this intake kit for R6.

Characteristics of the iVelocity stacks

  • Maximum power increase
  • Increased power over the entire rpm range
  • Valid for engines with SS and stock preparation
  • Manufactured with 3D carbon fiber printing
It is recommended to adjust the control unit for better performance.
Raul torras with the R6
Raul Torras with the Yamaha R6 at the Isle of Man TT

Fitting instructions