My tuning bike


Real-time auto-mapping module for Rapidbike EVO and Racing

My tuning bike + Bosch wideband lambda sensor


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My tuning bike + Bosch wideband sensor

Specific module for Rapidbike Evo and Racing control units that allows the adjustment of the injection maps in real time and with absolute precision, adjusting to the weather conditions and the characteristics of the circuit/route.

The auto-tuning function comes by default on the Rapidbike EVO and Racing, it works with the original lambda sensor of the bike, but it is a slower and less accurate system, with the my tuning bike kit this function becomes an auto-tunning system in real time thanks to the can-bus system and a wide band lambda sensor.

It is possible to connect up to 4 My tuning bike on the same bike to adjust each cylinder individually.

Another very interesting function with this kit is that it allows map activation by gear, being able to make an independent adjustment by gear.

The wide band lambda sensor included in the kit does NOT replace the original one in case it is mounted and working, an adapter is included in the kit to be welded on the exhaust in case it is needed.

broadband probe

In case multiple My tuning bikes are mounted on the same motorcycle it is necessary to buy the reference number ending in “2”, “3” and “4” that refer to each cylinder (2, 3, 4), for a single my tuning bike the reference number is the one ending in 1.


My tuning bike and the Bosch wideband sensor can also be purchased separately.

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My tuning bike

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