We have a state-of-the-art chassis dyno, capable of supporting more than 800 HP of power and equipped with an eddy current load absorption unit.

Eddy current brake

Unlike inertial dynos, where the test is always performed at full throttle, with braked dynos we can keep the engine under load at a constant RPM and at any throttle position. This allows us to perform complete mapping tests with real load, impossible to perform with an inertial bench.

The dyno has a wide band oxygen sensor and a data interface that directly links the dyno to the bike’s control unit, collecting real data on RPM, TPS, advance, etc.

wideband o2 sensor

The room where we carried out the tests has forced air extraction and fresh air supply from outside, ensuring a perfect ventilation of the room so that it does not affect the engine performance.

We can test motorcycles, as well as cars with motorcycle mechanics (Carcross, Cms, Formulas,..).

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