Superfinish ISF treatment

caja cambios superfinish


What is the Superfinish?

It is a physical/chemical process to optimize the surface finish of a part, decreasing the roughness values (Ra and Rz).
It does not remove material, the dimensions of the part are not altered.
Isotropic: it works in all directions, contrary to traditional machining techniques.

What are the advantages?

  • Reduces friction between two metals in contact
  • Reduces temperature due to less friction
  • Reduces material fatigue
  • Removes fragmented metal particles in the machining and case hardening processes of the workpiece
  • Power increase
  • Extends component life
Before and after application of superfinish treatment

Which parts can be treated?

It is mainly applied in gearboxes, camshafts and all types of sprockets.

isf sprockets
gear sprockets with superfinish treatment

How is it done ?

It is a process that lasts 8 hours, in which the pieces that we want to treat are put in a vibration equipment together with a special non-abrasive ceramic material and different chemical products.


Gearbox : 245€ +VAT

Camshafts : 150€+VAT

Crankshaft : 180€+VAT