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More power with Rapidbike CBR 600 RR

In this post we show you the work done on this 2008 Honda CBR 600 rr to increase the power and add an quickshifter with a Rapidbike.

It is a motorcycle that is used for the street, so we have taken into account that it can pass the ITV without having to do absolutely nothing on the bike.

The control unit we have chosen is the Rapidbike Racing, as it allows us to modify the ignition advance, as well as adding up to 1000 rpm, although we have “only” put a little more than 500 rpm.

Rapidbike Racing control unit located on the tail

We have also added a quickshifter sensor of the same brand and thus control it from the Rapid software, being able to change the values of force required for it to act, as well as cutting times at different rpm.

Rapidbike quickshifter
Rapidbike power comparative
comparison with and without Rapidbike

From 11,000 rpm the difference is already noticeable and at 14,000 we have a little more than 5 hp, with a much higher final stretch and a little more top speed.