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Ultrasonic cleaning of fuel injectors

Fuel injector cleaning and testing service

In a high-performance engine, it is essential that all cylinders are filled equally, which is why it is so important that the injectors are in perfect condition.

The cleaning of the injectors is carried out in an ultrasonic tank. These are connected to a pulse generator, to achieve a total cleaning of the inside of the injector.

injector cleaning
ultrasonic cleaning tank

Once cleaned, they are subjected to different tests to verify that they are working properly.

  • Leak and drip test: subjected to different gasoline pressures to ensure injector tightness
  • Spray and fan test: the correct atomization of the jet is checked.
  • Capacity test: the quantity injected is measured as a function of time and pressure.
  • Comparison test: all injectors are compared to have the same values.

With these tests we ensure the proper functioning of the injection system and also in competition engines we get the best performance.