KTM Super adventure 1290 Velocity stacks


Increases peak power and smoothes the torque curve

Adventure 1290 – 1190

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Velocity stacks kit for KTM Super adventure 1290-1190

Velocity stacks for all Adventure 1190 and 1290 models and manufactured in 3D printing with carbon fiber.

The 1290 is characterized by having a very powerful torque curve in mid-range, but also with a very sharp drop of this torque that penalizes in sporty driving, with these stacks we have greatly improved the fall of this torque that is now much softer and more elastic, at the same time that increases the maximum power. If in addition to these stacks kit we remap the ecu unit the result is impressive.

  • Smoothes the torque curve
  • Avoids sudden drop in torque at high rpm
  • Improved throttle response in sport riding
  • Max. power increase
  • Easy assembly