Rapidbike EVO Yamaha R1


Rapidbike EVO add-on

Yamaha YZF R1 2007-2019


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Additional control unit that allows total control of the carburetion through the management of the 8 injectors and the original lambda sensor with the exclusive Rapidbike auto-adaptation function, which consists of reading the values of the original lambda sensor while riding and being able to correct the amount of gasoline necessary for optimal combustion.

Compatible with YEC control unit, in this case it is recommended to add the
my tuning bike.

Possibility to add Quickshifter and blipper

Increased 1,000 RPM (2007-14 model) 1,200 RPM (2015) 700 RPM (2016-19)

Attention: this control unit does NOT replace the original one, it is an additional control unit.

We´ll shipping ready to work

Programming cable included.The software can be loaded here

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R1 models

2007-08, 2009-11, 2012-14, 2015, 2016-19, M 2015-19