Rapidbike EVO Honda CBR 1000 RR


Rapidbike EVO add-on

CBR 1000 RR 2004-2019

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Additional control unit that allows total control of the fuel map through the management of the 8 injectors and the original lambda sensor with the exclusive Rapidbike auto-adaptation function, which consists of reading the values of the original lambda sensor while riding, to correct the amount of gasoline necessary for optimal combustion.

Possibility of adding Quickshifter y blipper (2017-19)

1000 RPM increase in 2004-2011 models and 500 RPM increase in 2017-19.

Attention: this control unit does NOT replace the original one, it is an additional control unit.

It is shipped programmed and with a map loaded, ready to operate.

The software can be downloaded by clicking here.

Additional information

modelos CBR 1000 rr

2004-2005, 2006-2007, 2008-2011, 2012-2016, 2017-2019