Yamaha R6 2006-20 race alternator


R6 2006-2020 race alternator

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Lightweight race generator kit for Yamaha R6 2006-20

68mm diameter rotor weighing only 276g ( stock 944gr)This reduces the effective weight of the crank improved throttle response, faster accelerationreducing the weight of the rotor by 670g, but also by reducing the radius over which this weight acts.

Weight saving of the casing and stator assembly over standard is over 2.5 Kg! This kit comes with our own race generator casing based on the YEC kit generator casing allowing better ground clearance.

Magnesium cover (+40€)

include :

  • regulator
  • flywheel and stator
  • fasteners and connectors
  • high ground clearance race generator cover

only for use for racetrack