Honda CBR 600 RR velocity stacks


Increase the power of your CBR 600 rr with this kit of air funnel kit

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CBR 600 RR 2007 -2017 racing velocity stacks kit

Increased power and torque in high rpm without losing anything in mid and low rpm, up to 5 hp more gain, avoiding the power drop in the last rpm typical of the CBR.

These intake trumpets have been designed and manufactured by Ecubitt Performance after countless designs and tests in our dyno.

Manufactured with 3D printing with filament technical polyamide with carbon fiberensuring resistance to temperature and fuels, unlike other trumpets made of ABS, PLA, PTEG, etc. that are not 100% resistant to fuels and that their structure softens when approaching 60º.

Easy assembly in 30 minutes.

power comparison stacks cbr600
stock vs Ecubitt stacks comparison