Block off plates BMW S1000rr 2010-2018


AIS valve removal BMW S1000rr 2010-2018.

Allows to completely eliminate the secondary air system, recommended in case of replacing the original exhaust system.

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AIS removal kit BMW S1000rr 2010-2018

The secondary air system also called AIS, SLS or PAIR is responsible for putting fresh air into the exhaust pipe to finish burning unburned fuel combustion and thus reduce emissions, this air injection is designed to work with the original exhaust system and cause backfiring and popping in retentions when we replace the original exhaust , also helps the lambda sensor reading is more reliable and improves throttle response.


  • elimination of poping and backfiring explosions
  • Reliable lambda reading
  • improved throttle response
  • essential for reading AFR with data acquisition systems

the entire original secondary air system can be removedstock secondary air system

These block off plates are designed and manufactured by Ecubitt Performance with 3D printing technology and special filament reinforced with carbon fiber and resistant to high temperatures.